Monday, July 21, 2014


     Alright, I'm not familiar with Fire Emblem series, so when I saw people writing, "put Lucina in SSB", I thought they were talking about the,"taste my blade" assist trophy, Lyn. I was all for Lyn, because she looks awesome and her assist trophy's OP. Lucina however, is lame. She's a clone, first of all. Second of all, she looks almost identical to Marth the fruitcake(who, by the way, looks even more like a woman in the upcoming Super Smash, didn't think it was possible). She takes her own character slot too. The only difference,  literally the only difference in battle, as explained by Sakurai, is that Lucina's strength is balanced throughout the sword and Marth's is based on the tip. Come on. Seriously? Chrom and Lucina are both awful candidates for SSB because they look like the children of Marth and Ike. They also are the same class, have pretty much the same haircut, similar movements, and Chrom and Lucina end up being father and daughter, so that's pretty stupid too, I mean who wants to play as a family of clones? Oh wait... sorry Star Fox users. 

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