Wednesday, July 23, 2014


     The big N will be making an appearance at San Diego's Comic-Con. They have come specifically for smash, and from what I've seen from Sakurai's quite random post about the ship in Star Fox:Assault, the event will most likely be a reveal for either Falco, Wolf, or Krystal(if we're lucky). To be honest, I'm not super interested because the likelihood of the reveal being for Krystal is low compared to the other two; however, Nintendo has been a very good listener to please the fans with this incarnation of Smash. They've stuffed in Pac-Man, Little Mac, Lucina,  Charizard, Mii's. The next Smash, if there is one, will probably just be stuffing all the dropped Brawl characters back in, and it might just be DLC(Ultimate MVC style?). 

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