Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ness for Smash(and Maybe Some Jiggly-purr)

     Ness is one of my favorite characters, being trumped only be Zelda, who by the way, now has a B-Down instead of turning into Sheik(who despite being pretty cool, I was never really that good as). Back to the subject at hand, Ness has a baseball bat as an A-Right, that's pretty awesome. He has a handy fire move that lingers to bug people for a couple seconds.Unfortunately, he hasn't been announced yet. This hopefully won't last long considering he's from the first smash; however, Lucas was set to replace Ness in Melee, he didn't only because his game released late. They might do this in the new smash, but Lucas didn't replace Ness in Brawl, maybe Nintendo's minds were changed. Now when will Ness be announced, if he is?
     Well, Mother is celebrating its 25th anniversary on the 27th of July(which I just found out, so forget my Comic-con article). I hate to say it, but I've never played that game. Ever. If you want to go through the trouble of spending hundreds of dollars on a Japanese import., be my guest. I've heard raving reviews on Earthbound, never played that, either. I could get the eshop version if I really wanted it, but I don't. Not really that interested. So, Comic-con is going on now, and it just so happened that Nintendo has announced a surprise for Smash. Comic-con ends on Mother's anniversary, special surprise, only two characters from the first smash haven't been announced yet, hmmmm... wait a minute, they're going to announce Ridley and Goku!(Facepalm)No, they're going to announce Ness, Lucas and/or Jigglypuff. Why the evil pink queen of air combos? Because her and Ness are the only remaining characters from the first smash not to be announced. It may be odd to announce her and Ness together, but they announced Captain Falcon and Lucina together, so what the heck?
...and if they don't announce Jigglypuff, they're going to
have a seriously angry cuddly cottonball on their hands

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


     The big N will be making an appearance at San Diego's Comic-Con. They have come specifically for smash, and from what I've seen from Sakurai's quite random post about the ship in Star Fox:Assault, the event will most likely be a reveal for either Falco, Wolf, or Krystal(if we're lucky). To be honest, I'm not super interested because the likelihood of the reveal being for Krystal is low compared to the other two; however, Nintendo has been a very good listener to please the fans with this incarnation of Smash. They've stuffed in Pac-Man, Little Mac, Lucina,  Charizard, Mii's. The next Smash, if there is one, will probably just be stuffing all the dropped Brawl characters back in, and it might just be DLC(Ultimate MVC style?). 

Monday, July 21, 2014


     Alright, I'm not familiar with Fire Emblem series, so when I saw people writing, "put Lucina in SSB", I thought they were talking about the,"taste my blade" assist trophy, Lyn. I was all for Lyn, because she looks awesome and her assist trophy's OP. Lucina however, is lame. She's a clone, first of all. Second of all, she looks almost identical to Marth the fruitcake(who, by the way, looks even more like a woman in the upcoming Super Smash, didn't think it was possible). She takes her own character slot too. The only difference,  literally the only difference in battle, as explained by Sakurai, is that Lucina's strength is balanced throughout the sword and Marth's is based on the tip. Come on. Seriously? Chrom and Lucina are both awful candidates for SSB because they look like the children of Marth and Ike. They also are the same class, have pretty much the same haircut, similar movements, and Chrom and Lucina end up being father and daughter, so that's pretty stupid too, I mean who wants to play as a family of clones? Oh wait... sorry Star Fox users. 

Smashing with Style

     Alright, this blog is my vent. I use this blog to pour out opinions on SSB in general. I love SSB so much and I plan on expressing this love through solid judgement of the series. Now, I want to start by saying I'm not going to diss everyone else's opinions. I may not completely understand them, but it's OK if you think Wario is the best SSB character to grace the battlefield with his disgusting flatulence and ability to eat things, even though Kirby can already do that without being repulsive. I won't judge... maybe.